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From tech to real estate: my journey to the essentials

My Ctrl+Alt+Delete

You know, there are times in life when everything seems to align. After two happy and fulfilling decades working in large IT projects, between call centers and data centers, I am changing direction, but without losing my way. It clicked for me when I realized that my long-standing real estate investments were not just a lucrative activity, but rather a second language that allowed me to connect with people, buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, and even the construction guys! Yes, you understood correctly: I become your trusted residential real estate broker, effective immediately.

The myth of the "right time"

Some will say that now is not the right time. I would tell them that the right moment is when an opportunity transforms into conviction, and conviction into irresistible aspiration. Well, for me, it’s now!

The greatness of simple things

Thanks to my son, a young assistant manager of a large grocery store whose name I will only mention in a private message, I rediscovered a forgotten truth: the importance of the concrete, of daily life. A sort of pragmatic epiphany, if you will. And what field is more concrete, more anchored in everyday life than real estate? So, it's obvious: I'm jumping in and offering you my services to navigate this fascinating labyrinth that is the real estate market, without artifice, but certainly with a touch of humor!

My mission and my values: no nonsense, just substance

'Create an exclusive real estate experience' There, I said it. No need for embellishments, my core values speak for themselves: diligence, for impeccable commitment; integrity, for total transparency; and belonging, which celebrates the emotional connection between a home and those who live there.

Upcoming posts: practical, straight to the point

In my future posts, I will share practical advice on buying, selling, maintaining your property, my formula winning and my rigorous tools to better manage your real estate projects. My goal: to provide you with concrete and useful information, while establishing a space for constructive dialogue. It interests you ? Subscribe to my newsletter. No spam, promise!

Full speed ahead!

With passion and a clear mind, I am more ready than ever for this challenge. I put my expertise and my heart at the service of what really matters: your projects, your future, your well-being.


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