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Our services

Whether you are looking to sell, buy, invest or rent, you have an exclusive status with us. We are focused on capturing your requirements and achieving your goals.


Acquiring a property, whether it’s your first, your last, or everything in between, remains a milestone. Our commitment ? Saving your time and money by clearly identifying and truly prioritizing your essential and secondary needs. No more unnecessary visits! In addition, we will seriously analyze the price of the properties that we present to you.

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Each home is unique, carrying its history and charm. It is essential to reveal your potential beyond appearances. With us, your property is never just a property on the market. It is valued, highlighted, and presented as a rare opportunity. Our commitment ? Use all available means to identify the buyer who will write their own chapter.

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Investing in real estate is a long-term approach to building wealth. Each purchase is a step in a family story, providing protection against economic fluctuations and capital growth. These goods become assets, even sources of income. We guide the investor so that each acquisition is a judicious step towards their objectives, whether immediate or long term.

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Modern marketing
according to your needs

In collaboration with you, we select the media supports best suited to your requirements.

HDR Photography | Video | Virtual visit

HDR aerial photography |  Reels | Broadcast on social media plateforms.

Prestigious Re/Max Collection program (if qualified)

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The strength of the bond

Seller or future buyer, our role as residential real estate broker goes well beyond transactions. It is you, your aspirations and your projects that are at the heart of our approach and our concerns.


We are committed to creating a true relationship of trust and collaboration by always being available to follow the progress of your project and answer your questions.


Because for us, every detail is important.

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The strength of the place

Each space, each property, each place has its own identity, its unique imprint. It is not just a question of walls or foundations, but of a place where the emotions, memories and aspirations of its inhabitants may still resonate. Our mission as a real estate broker is to capture that essence, understand what a place means to you, and turn it into an opportunity, whether it’s selling it or finding the perfect property to write a chapter of your life.


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